VisualSmalltalk Goodies
All goodies in this page has the default License.
Please read the licence terms while downloading.


Interface to ZipLibrary lets you read and write compressed zip files.
It also support in-memory compression and file browsing (without decompression).
Author: Alejandro Reimondo.


Simple image processing framework.
Implementation of image processing algorithms. Completelly written in Smalltalk (no primitives or API calls).
Like crop, autoThreshold, enhanceContrast, findEdges, flip, invert, histogramEqualization, median, noise, gamma correct, y arithmetic operations.
... ...
... ...
Author: Alejandro Reimondo.


Skin detection in images using color predicates.
Trainable framework for skin detection in color images.

The following images has been processed replacing non-skin pixels with white pixels.
Sergio Garcia (left) & Alejandro Reimondo (right) with their family.

Requires: Image processing Framework.

Author: Alejandro Reimondo.


TaskBar icons for Win95.
The V icon in the task bar lets you configure your Smalltalk application...
More that one icon can be placed in the iconBar and each can control an aspect of your application.
Author: Alejandro Reimondo.


Interface to WinInet services; lets you manage http, ftp, and gopher files.
Author: Alejandro Reimondo.


HTMLKit is a preliminar framework for the creation of HTML pages.
The kit can read correct HTML pages successfully; creating the smalltalk objects from it's contents.
Author: Alejandro Reimondo.


Smalltalk scripting for VisualSmalltalk.
Scripting support for Smalltalk applicactions during runtime (without compiler).
A DDE connection to MsWord and Excel is provided as a Test mini-application for data exchange.
Author: Alejandro Reimondo.

OleAutomation Support

Extended OLE Automation support.
Lets you dynamically create classes and methods to automate applications. Also you can inspect the objects exposed by the application. The methods willl be created by demand when you send the messages.
There are examples for MsExcel, MsWord, CorelDraw, Explorer, PhotoPaint, PowerPoint, Speech interface...
Author: Alejandro Reimondo.

RTF Support

RTF Generation support.
Lets you build RTF files. Commonly used to dynamically exchange information with other applications (via DDE or clipboard) in Rich Text Format (RTF).
Author: Alejandro Reimondo.


Rendering engine for action games like DOOM and virtual worlds programming.
You can program actor behavior and change space properties dynamically.
Doors can be opened, closed, floor and ceiling height can be modified dynamically.
Very interesting eeefects has been programmed like motion politics, teleporting...
Requires: ARSLLs package.
Author: Alejandro Reimondo.


Rendering engine for action games like Quake III and virtual worlds programming.
REAL 3D Engine See the pages of this project.

Also you will find:

Boids implementation and virtual fish tank.
Particle system interface.
High level interface for Actors.

Requires: ARSLLs package.


A powerfull grid to add worksheet capabilities to commercial applications.
It has a simple but powerfull design and is easilly extensible.
Requires: ARSLLs package.
Author: Alejandro Reimondo.


Client Interface to VisualWork's Distributed Smalltalk (DST).
It also support a CORBA client.
Author: Annick Fron.


Base for image formats framework.
Implementation of abstract support for reading image files in foreign formats and conversion to DIB and/or Bitmap.
Requires: ARSlls
Author: Alejandro Reimondo.


DrawDIB implementation.
Implementation of hi-perfomance displaying of DIBs using VideoForWindows interface.
Requires: PictBase and ARSlls
Author: Alejandro Reimondo.


GIF File reading.
Implementation of reading GIF files.
Requires: ARSlls
Author: Alejandro Reimondo.


JPEG File format read&write implementation.
Implementation of JPEG read and write support with conversion to DIB.
Requires: PictBase and ARSlls
Author: Alejandro Reimondo.


TIFF File format read&write implementation.
Implementation of TIFF read and write support with conversion to DIB.
Requires: PictBase and ARSlls
Author: Alejandro Reimondo.


Transparent images support.
Implementation of transparent bitmaps.
Requires: PictBase and ARSlls
Author: Alejandro Reimondo.


Twain support for scanners and digital cammeras.
Implementation of simple Twain support.
Requires: PictBase and ARSlls
Author: Alejandro Reimondo.


Wrapper for testing interface to DLL.
Can be used for testing DLL access implementation while implementing windows APIS. It can be convenient to write all the api methods once and then mark them to be tested.
Requires: ARSlls
Author: Alejandro Reimondo.

Licensed OCX

License key for licensed OCX components.
If somebody ever needs to write application utilizing licensed OCX components, I've found how to embed (and implemented) the license key in the VSE application so that it's passed to the factory when the control is created. This way the component can be redistributed legally and used without the development license.
Requires: "OLE Control Support" service.
Author: Todor Todorov - CDM A/S - Denmark.


Wrapper to Java Native Interface.
Can be used to use Java Objects in Smalltalk. JavaInSt is a very transparent layer to access Java Objects as they were inside the Smalltalk image. You can navigate objects structure (full reflexion is imlemented, through objects and methods). Also you can implement Java Native Methods in Smalltalk! SO, you can see Smalltalk objects as a Java object!
Requires: ARSlls
Author: Alejandro Reimondo.


Parallel Port Access Support.
Parallel Port I/O Access for Visual Smalltalk via io.dll API supporting Win 9x/Me/NT/2K/XP.
Author: German Viscuso

Thousand Separator

Thousand Separator for printing float numbers.

Author: Guillermo Sapaya

Precision Timer

PTimer: A Precision Timer for Visual Smalltalk.
This is a wrapper for a dll that implements a timer API using winmm.lib (the Windows multimedia system timer).
The timer features millisecond precision and callback support.
Author: German Viscuso


Parser for reading ANSI Smalltalk specification.
This parser read the ANSI Smalltalk Specification and build a model of the document preserving all the relations.
For more information about ANSI ask the author or searchi the web for:
American National Standards Institute
ANSI NCITS 319-1998
for Information Technology - Programming Languages - Smalltalk - ANSI
NCITS 319-1998.
Requires: ARSlls
Author: Alejandro Reimondo.


a Smalltalk soccer team for RobotSoccer 1.4 simulator.
Requires a a moderatly fast machine with 3D graphics accelerator.
This is a basic team for the official FIRA 5x5 simulator (Simurosot league).
100% Smalltalk.
Requires: ARSlls
Author: German Viscuso


A swiki crawler.
The crawler visit all the pages in a swiki (and/or all swikis of a server) and copy it's contents to local disk or to a swiki. Only the last version of each page (with attachments) are copied. Copy to local disk has been tested
Requires: ARSlls
Author: Alejandro Reimondo.

Future & Promise

Future & Promise for VS
Basic implementation of Proxy, Future and Promise objects
Requires: ARSlls
Author: Leonardo De Marco.


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