Smalltalk Interface to Genesis3D Engine.


Files to download:

1.LowLevel DLLs
2.Smaltalk Sources
3.Resource Files
4.LowLevel Sources

1. VisualSmalltalk 3.12
2. ARSlls


The Genesis Engine is a lowlevel library for fast rendering of BSP worlds commonly used to build Games like Quake III.
Please visit Genesis website to read more information about it.

Here you will find a lowlevel implementation of the API, a medium level framework of Genesis Objects and a HighLevel implementation of animated actors and explorable worlds.

Also you will find a an interface to Particles API (of David K. McAllister) to support high number of animated particles.


Actor Viewer and GenesisCoordinators
Simple Boids Implementation (a fish tank).
GenesisDemo Clone
BSP Worlds
Particles Implementation
If you need more information... contact Alejandro F. Reimondo [mailTo:[email protected]]