Spanish version, with more detail as used in Argentina. Curricullum Vitae.

Alejandro F. Reimondo

Moldes 3556 (10D), (C1429AF)
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Tel: (54)-011-4701-1102
e-mail: [email protected]


Consulting and training in Object Technology 1997-2000
Technical support, consulting and object technology open-minder for many companies that adopted Object Technology in Argentina.
Key developer for some projects using Smalltalk and Gemstone database.
Consulting for the Argentinean Economy Department.
Project leader for informatization of the Fundación Cinemateca Argentina (including digitalization of all photographs and argentinean cinema information).
Founder of Smalltalking ( a colaborative virtual laboratory for the study and development of advances in virtual object environments.
One of main founders of SUGAR (Smalltalk User Group of Argentina) an organization that join all the Smalltalk programmers in Argentina and the first site in Internet related to Smalltalk in Spanish.
Object Style 1992-1997
Founder of Object Style (a small development company that uses Smalltalk Technology).
Developer leader for all projects done by Object Style from enterprise solutions to multimedia products.
Object Style has all the power needed to develop distinguished products and technical support during high technology events.
Senior project leader
Miles Laboratories of Argentina
Solvay Argentina (Biotechnology)
Planning and development of all the systems for administrative, financial and client support.
Miles and Solvay has all it's information up to date in the Buenos Aires's offices and in Cordoba enzyme plant.
I've developed the first system in Smalltalk, here in Argentina.
Lusol S.R.L. 1984-1986
Development of software for plant control and administrative tools for production tracing and labeling. Development of vehicle paintings and technical support for ecoat painting beds in Sevel and Ford plants (electrophoresis & catophoresis). Technical assistance for electrolytic paint stability to five customer plants.

Conferences and technical expositions

Buenos Aires University winter school
Courses on Object Oriented design
Technical courses for students and open to business people.
Conferences on Object Oriented Technology 1992-1996
Conferences and workshops on OO Technology, Smalltalk and Object Databases.
Dictated at the San Martin Theater of Buenos Aires.
Conferences on Distribution in Object environments 1994,95,96
Conferences and workshops on Object distribution and remote repair of object systems.
Training in Object Technology 1993-2000
Training & consulting in Object Technology and Smalltalk for many companies.
Included: IBM Argentina, System Software Associates of Argentina (SSA), Bauhaus, Abaco of Mateo Gómez Ortega, dataFIX S.R.L., Mariano Chilibroste S.R.L, Baufest, NetLan S.A., Surix Country Phone.


Transparent object distribution and repair 1991-1993
Research and development of shemas for transparent distribution of objects and remote repair of object systems.
Reverse engeneering of object systems 1993-1997
Reverse engeneering exploration of object systems. Automated metaprogramming and dynamic schemes of object linking.
Evolution in Object Systems 1997-...
Evolution and memetic transfer in virtual object environments. Study of the transfer of knowledge and evolution of software objects.
Virtual Machines & Object Environments 1997-...
Development of native API interfaces for Squeak.
Implementation active web contents with Squeak and VisualSmalltalk.
Alternative Virtual machines for fagmented virtual spaces of objects.
Implementation of the second version of SqueakVM for WinCE.

Activities and Personal

One of the main founders of:
A non-proffit association for the study and development of Virtual Object Spaces and Object Environments. [jun2000]
the Argentinean Smalltalk User Group. [may1997-2000]
Object Style
the very first company in the Argentinean market that uses Smalltalk Technology. [Oct1991-1997]

Enjoy reading

J.R.R. Tolkien, Michael Ende, Ursula K. Le Guin, Gene Wolfe, Jean Baudrillard.

And finally... Got married on May 27, 2000. ;^)