Squeak Goodies
All goodies in this page has the default License.
Please read the licence terms while downloading.

rST - Remote Smalltalk Distributed Objects for Squeak
ODBC for Squeak ODBC support in Squeak, works in Windows and Unix
Genetic Algorithms Framework for Genetic Algorithms research using Squeak
Microcosms Framework for multiagents simulations research using Squeak. Examples of Emergence and Complex Behaviour
Playing with Video Real time video processing using Squeak. mpeg support and webcam in windows
Squeak and Object tutorials Squeak and Object tutorials in Spanish and English
STT - Smalltalk Templates The same way ASP, JSP, PHP, etc. do it, STT's idea is to make possible to write Smalltalk code within the context of an HTML, or any kind of document.
Atomic Game The aim of "Atomic" is to build chemical molecules by using given atoms, with as few moves as possible. The level is solved when the new molecule has the same structure as shown in the preview pane. In the higher levels, some tactical skills will be neccessary to solve the puzzle.
Ported from Linux, it's simple but amusing.


IOST - Parallel Port Access for Squeak 3.x
Parallel Port Access for Squeak 3.x via io.dll API
supporting Win 9x/Me/NT/2K/XP.
Author: German Viscuso

Future & Promise

Future & Promise for Squeak 3.x
Basic implementation of Proxy, Future and Promise objects for Squeak 3.x
Author: Leonardo De Marco


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