The Dolphin Beachball Dolphin Smalltalk Goodies
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Smalltalk scripting.
Scripting support for Smalltalk applicactions during runtime (without compiler).
Author: Alejandro F. Reimondo

RTF Support

RTF Generation support.
Lets you build RTF files. Commonly used to dynamically exchange information with other applications (via DDE or clipboard) in Rich Text Format (RTF).
Author: Alejandro F. Reimondo

ODBC Extensions

ODBC Extensions.
Dolphin ODBC Extensions provides an easy interface to ODBC databases. Requires the Dolphin Database Connection package. See the package comments for furter details and last date info.
Author: Marcelo Cortez

Development Tools

Development Tools for Dolphin 5.
This package adds several tools for code generation to the Dolphin CHB.
Author: Bruno Buzzi Brasesco

Object Explorer

Object Explorer.
It allows to explore an object with the aid of a TreePresenter.
Try this: anObject explore [Ctrl-E]
Author: Andres Otaduy

Graphic Objects

GraphicObjects, Lapiz(Pencil) and Tetris packages.
GraphicObjects is a Framework for the creation of object direct manipulation and visualization tools.
The Lapiz (Pencil) class provides a 'Turtle' protocol for drawing.
Tetris is an example using this framework.
More examples are available in the package comment's section.
Author: Andres Otaduy

Fixed Decimal Edit

FixedDecimalEdit and Float TypeConverters
Adds a view resource to NumberPresenter class. The FixedDecimalEdit only allows to put numbers and decimal separator characters in the Edit view of a NumberPresenter.
A couple of type converters are provided for conversion from Float to string and viceversa, including especific Locale format.
Available help in the package comment's section.
Author: Jose S. Calvo

Remote Smalltalk

rST - Remote Smalltalk for Dolphin 4.x & XP
This is the port of the rST for Squeak
The main goal of the project is transparency, so you don't need to change your objects to become remote. Another goal is to handle intermittence in the availability of the images, so PDA and Notebooks can interoperate in a distributed environment. Each object decides to pass "as copy" or "as reference", in the default implementation all objects pass "by reference" but Booleans, String, Character, Number and UndefinedObject (see implementors of #remoteType). Requires Sockets package.
See the RSTTesting class side and comments for details.
Author (Squeak): Diego Gomez Deck
Ported by: Jose S. Calvo & Osvaldo Aufiero

POP & SMTP Sockets

POP and SMTP Sockets for Dolphin 4.x
Requires Dolphin Socket package. A simple port from Squeak's POP and SMTP socket classes. You can send and receive mails from your Dolphin image.
Author: Jose S. Calvo


FTP with command console for Dolphin XP 5
Requires Dolphin Socket package.
FTPSessionBrowser address: '' or
FTPSessionBrowser address: ''
User: anonymous, Password: your e-mail address.
Author: Matias Maretto


Timer for Dolphin 4.x
A timer that generate events every N seconds.
Example: myTimer := Timer forSeconds: 5.
               myTimer when: #tick send: #ticked to: self.
Author: Andres Pablo Poncelas

STT - Smalltalk Templates

STT - Smalltalk Templates port for Dolphin XP
Requires Dolphin rSt (Remote Smalltalk) package. The same way ASP, JSP, PHP, etc. do it, STT's idea is to make possible to write Smalltalk code within the context of an HTML, or any kind of document.
Author: Federico G. Stilman
Ported by: Diego Gomez Deck
Abreviations Abreviations for Dolphin 5.0 (XP)
This package adds abreviations to workspaces as in Visual Age Assist Pro.
See the package comments section for details.
Author: Andres Otaduy

Method Wrappers Method Wrappers for Dolphin 5.0 (XP)
Port from VW Method Wrappers goodie.
See the package comments section and MethodWrapper class comment for details.
Author: Andres Otaduy

MapiPac Simple Message API for Dolphin 5.0 (XP)
Simple Message API Implementation, download, read and compose mails from Dolphin using the Windows Messaging System
Author: Jose S. Calvo
IOST IOST - Parallel Port Access for Dolphin 5.x
Parallel Port Access for Dolphin 5.x via io.dll API
supporting Win 9x/Me/NT/2K/XP.

Author: German Viscuso
CIPHER CIPHER - Blowfish & PC1 Encription/Decription for Dolphin 5.x
This package provides a simple interface to use encription/decription in two well known algoriths: PC1 and the more modern Blowfish.
The pc1.dll and blowfish.dll (also included) can be in the same directory as the image/exe to make them work.

Author: Sebastián Sastre
WTWD WTWD - 3D graphics using Wild Tangent web driver
This package includes three samples to learn about the use of the Wild Tangent control. It has a rotating cube, a cell with bouncing balls and a game. In the package and class comments there are instructions to use them.

Author: Diego Coronel
BMP2Icon BMP2Icon - Bitmap to Icon Conversion
Adds a simple conversion of Bitmap objects to Icon ones.
The conversion is provided by the Windows(r) API.

Author: Hernán Galante
UNITS UNITS - Units Framework
The Units Framework is a generic and extensible framework for representation of Quantities by Units Of Measures, allowing arithmetic operations, and conversions between measures.

Author: Alejandro F. Reimondo
Ported by
: Esteban A. Maringolo
Datagram Sockets Datagram Sockets
Datagram Sockets (aka UDP) support for Dolphin Smalltalk.

Author: Esteban A. Maringolo


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